About Me

Edith SwiatekIn his book Portfolio Life, David Corbett describes a time in life when one is able to balance their purpose and their passion.    Having served throughout my career as a leader in health care organizations, in 2006 I began interim work and found that I have a gift (perhaps my purpose and my passion) for “parachuting in” and quickly building relationships that provide the foundation for the work of transition.  Appropriately defining challenges, generating and analyzing solutions and implementing creative resolutions brings about the seemingly magical resetting of the stage that is transformation.

Coaching individuals in times of transition led me to transformational coaching.  I am a Certified Coach Practitioner (CCP) and a member of the International Coach Federation.  My commitment to coaching is founded in my belief that each individual inherently knows best their path and it is my role, as a coach, to assist others in defining their most productive responses to transition.

Living in Tucson, AZ with my spouse and our most recent rescued dog, Luca, I am a transplanted mid-westerner who has come to love the mountains and the “dry heat”.  We have two children, Nik and Malina.