Transformational Interim Health Care Leadership

Having served in both permanent and interim leadership positions for health care organizations large and small, I specialize in leading organizations in transition to transformation. Transition is the process of change; transformation is the result whereby a stronger and healthy organization emerges.

I bring unique and effective solutions to your organization and teams. I am a bold thinker and a maverick leader. I am unafraid to think outside the box and able to maneuver deftly in the most tenuous of situations. Conflict does not deter me and I tend to take on seemingly impossible tasks and deliver astonishing results.

If you seek a transformed medical group, medical staff, senior leadership team, department or organization, especially during a time of transition, I am the interim leader for you.

Examples of my transformative work within health care organizations include:

  • VP of Practice Management, facilitating a medical staff of 50+ in integration into larger organization of 900+ physicians. Senior leader accountable for all out-patient clinic sites and additional hospital departments. Physician recruitment and retention. Staff engagement at highest levels in organization.
  • COO, Critical Access Hospital, during initial integration of community medical group into hospital entity and culture. Successfully transitioned independent medical group and staff to hospital employment.
  • Administrator, Private Medical Group, accountable for multiple clinic sites and ASC. Developed and implemented physician recruitment and retention programs. Planned and designed new clinics. Negotiation of outside contracts.
  • Senior Leader, Non-Profit Health Care Organization, transformed departments from loss-leading entities to income producing departments through physician and staff education. Led facility redesign and patient awareness programs.