How will I eat?

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Edwin really did ask me this question – How will you eat?

Here I am a middle-aged woman in America, well-educated, the mother of two healthy and happy 20-something children and my partner is concerned how I will feed myself if he is not present to prepare dinner.  Am I lucky or what?!

And, I don’t know how I’ll eat – though today I’ll start to find out.  Ed has vacuum packed and frozen 2 prepared chicken breasts (Friday night’s left-overs:  a farm-raised chicken from Bar 5, prepared with lemon and pepper and served with grilled vegetables from the CSA) and one portion of lasagna for me – so I’m okay until Wednesday.  However, he’ll be in classes 6 nights a week for 18 months. 

I can’t expect to eat out most of the time, I truly have to figure this out. 

Luckily I’m about 20 pounds over my ideal weight – there’s a statement I’ve never made before, at least starting it with the word "Luckily" – so I hope to eat lots of veggies and fruit and shed some of this excess.  Anything I would cook is not nearly as tempting as Ed’s cooking – not to say that his food is in any way responsible for my weight – I simply love good food and often eat too much of it.  I may be saved by the fact that I am quite certain that I no longer know how to prepare great tasting food, if I ever did. 

So, this is a big part of my adventure, learning where things are in the kitchen, figuring out what some them are used for!, and providing sustenance for myself on a daily basis. 



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