It’s all about the dogs

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Oh my, we have again taken on a foster dog…one should see his sweet face before I begin to write about our first day together.


We picked him up at 1PM – a mere 8 hours ago and we both feel as if we have been tending 2-year old quintuplets for days on end.  He’d been in a car for a number of hours with 3 other dogs, having come from Sioux City, IA.  We knew little about him – that he was an owner surrender and likely lived outside most of the time. 

We stopped at the vet on the way home (kudos and appreciation to Bloomington Vet, one of the clinics that provides services to Pet Haven – without which it not would be possible for this all-volunteer organization to foster dogs and cats) – we learn he is 15# underweight, is recovering nicely from 2 severely infected ears including one with stitches where he had scratched at it before getting medical attention.  He was spayed on Tuesday so he’s sore in a number of places.  He was a pleasant patient overall, a good sign.  We leave with a bag of meds and Beau, a dog with a new name, a new vet and a new foster family. 

Quite surprisingly, our resident dog Dakota and Beau got along fairly well.  Dakota (who made us failed fosters when we adopted her last year) has successfully overcome all of her challenges short of dog-to-dog aggression which shows up all too often, however, always over food.  So we had a few tangles today, some our own making – why didn’t it occur to us that bringing in a giant bag of dog food might  not be such a good idea with these two?  And being opposite genders, Beau thought he might get to know Dakota in the biblical sense but she handled that quite well herself.

Saddest and most difficult was discovering that Beau is terrified – coming into the house the first time took nearly an hour.  Coming up the stairs has taken 30 minutes each time, up or down and more treats that I could count. 

However, having vomited in Ed’s closet a while ago, Beau is now laying on his bed and Dakota on the floor and all is quiet. 

Welcome, Beau and and sweete doggie dreams to you and Dakota.


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