It’s the last day…

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Today is Ed’s last cooking day in Culinary School.  Tonight is Grand Buffet #2, there being one last week Friday as well.  Each student prepares an array of small bites around a theme and family and friends come to admire and then consume the feast.  Last week, his smoked corn gazpacho was the hit of the dinner.  I can’t wait to see what’s up for this evening.

And what’s next?  Only more adventure, I know for sure. 

This has been a great time in our lives and we both feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity for him to take this break – just quit his executive position and follow his bliss.  We knew it would likely place challenges on our relationship, especially with classes 5 evenings a week, and it did.  And we are still standing.  And still standing next to each other too.

Ed’s learned to cook even better than ever, he’s mastered pastry which he thought he could not, he’s created lovely ice sculptures, he’s mentored others in his class.  We’ve both learned that we are less tied to a traditional life that we ever thought we were.  We don’t need much to be happy and yet realize we say this from the perspective of the very rich among the world’s population.  Ed would rather have an expensive Asian spice than a new shirt, yet, I still love yet another pair of black shoes!

Tomorrow, some new adventure begins – post culinary school.  However, I’m dreaming of the holiday dinner before us, the table filled with friends and family and the love of Ed and Terri for us all translated into goose and unbelievable side dishes and desserts that melt in your mouth.

Again today, my list of complaints is exceeded only by my list of blessings. 


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