Love and Chokers

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It might be “the world’ best dog food”, however, our dogs including the current foster-turned-pet Dakota all eat dry dog food – once coined “chokers” by Ed or Nik. 

Ed and I were discussing Dakota’s goods fortune in being saved and rescued by Pet Haven two years ago and ending up in our home. And now she has everything she needs and likely more than she ever knew was possible – love and chokers.
“Love and chokers”, this is how Ed described it yesterday. A good, balanced meal more than once a day and through love her other needs cared for – the supplements for her aging joints, walks to keep her happy and exercised, the treats in my office that she comes to ask for each and every day, as if they are her due. 
And I couldn’t help but think that in just a few words Ed succinctly expressed all any of us really need. 

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