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Malina, our daughter, and I had one of our frequent and wonderful discussions just a few days ago…this one around the concept of "being special", which I guess I started after finally seeing the film Revolutionary Road.  In the course of this lengthy conversation, Malina pointed out to me that even though this blog is about me, it is entitled only Edwin goes to Cooking School. 

So, realizing she has a point, I am going to rename this blog – it is still about Ed going to culinary school and our life during this adventure, however, this blog also has something to do with my own adventures during the next 18 months.

As I will need Ed’s technical expertise to actually change the name, I have a day or so to decide on the new title — if you have any suggestions, please send them to me via Contact Edith above. 

And Malina, thanks, as ever, for reminding me that I am already special.  I don’t need to strive for it, I only have to look in your direction to know it is true.

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  1. nice one ………

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