Dining at the City View Cafe

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A kind friend and colleague joined me last evening in dining at the culinary school restaurant – my first chance to taste the efforts of Ed and his cohort is the professional space of the City View Cafe.  For those of you within the Twin Cities, you might be surprised as I was, to find out that this small space with the requisite plastic chairs, etc, has a wonderful view of the state capital building — and for those of you outside of the MN, our state capital is a wonder to behold, especially in the dark. 

There was quite a spread for this Friday evening buffet – served only from 5:30 to 6:30PM.  I’d guess that most of the customers were friends and family members of the current students and included a number of small children quite excited to see mom or dad working in their chef uniforms. 

It was "Minnesota Night" during "Breakfast Week" – thus there was Hot Dish, one of the 2 courses prepared by our own Chef Edwin.  He also made beer battered walleye, another MN tradition.  These were joined by Asiago cheesy hash browns (yum!), eggs benedict on a wild rice pancake and morel hollandaise (another yum!), apple cider braised chicken, maple glazed ham, wild rice hash (no white rice here in the home of Humphrey, Franken and Wellstone) maple ginger sweet potatoes and three wonderful looking desserts – pumpkin and goat cheese cheesecake (this one I can vouch for its being delicious), apple crisp and wild rice pudding.

Judy and I so enjoyed ourselves that we were both surprised when she suddenly noticed that we were alone in the restaurant , short of the staff eating.  Good food, good friends and great conversation…

And all of this for $10 — if you don’t count tuition, books and fees.  :) 



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