Shiny Things

Posted by on Nov 9, 2009 in Edwin Goes to Cooking School and I don't... | 2,693 comments


Sometime during the past 2 years or so I read that men (I know, to paint a stereo-type…and I apologize right her and now!) need a new shiny thing in their life about once a year.  I instantly thought of just our garage – a scooter, 2 motorcycles, a sports car and a number of other items I can’t even identify; and then there is the tool shop in the basement – I am convinced that there is no such thing as a home project that does not require a brand new power tool for its successful completion; and then the kitchen – oh my, an immersion circulator…what the heck is that?

And this week, the ultimate, a new car.  And on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning Ed is happily outside the garage applying some nano-technology window treatment that is like "lifetime RainX" he tells me.  I have to observe – he looks just like a man with a new car.  He smiles and continues to shine his shiny new thing.



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