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Dancin’ with A Good Girl

Posted by on Dec 18, 2010 in Edwin Goes to Cooking School and I don't... | 5 comments

  Today I am finishing up the holiday decor around the house.  For us, this centers around about 50 artificial trees – ranging in size from 1 inch to the infamous 4-5 foot pink tree.  I’ve put on one of Neal and Leandra’s holiday CD’s – the one with Boswell’s Lights, and I find myself inviting Dakota, the dog, to dance.  She joins right in, like most of us unsure of the steps at first.  Within moments we are dancing for 30 seconds or so, then parting, and she returns with her paw in the air anxious to dance again.  What a gift she has brought to us with her trust and joy — from a sad 7 year-old who didn’t know the simplest commands or rules, who was saved by the words of a wise friend (thank you Mary S. – she owes you her life!) —  "Dakota really wants to be a good girl".  Ed comes downstairs and Dakota bounds over to him…and asks him to dance.  What a good girl. ...

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It’s the last day…

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  Today is Ed’s last cooking day in Culinary School.  Tonight is Grand Buffet #2, there being one last week Friday as well.  Each student prepares an array of small bites around a theme and family and friends come to admire and then consume the feast.  Last week, his smoked corn gazpacho was the hit of the dinner.  I can’t wait to see what’s up for this evening. And what’s next?  Only more adventure, I know for sure.  This has been a great time in our lives and we both feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity for him to take this break – just quit his executive position and follow his bliss.  We knew it would likely place challenges on our relationship, especially with classes 5 evenings a week, and it did.  And we are still standing.  And still standing next to each other too. Ed’s learned to cook even better than ever, he’s mastered pastry which he thought he could not, he’s created lovely ice sculptures, he’s mentored others in his class.  We’ve both learned that we are less tied to a traditional life that we ever thought we were.  We don’t need much to be happy and yet realize we say this from the perspective of the very rich among the world’s population.  Ed would rather have an expensive Asian spice than a new shirt, yet, I still love yet another pair of black shoes! Tomorrow, some new adventure begins – post culinary school.  However, I’m dreaming of the holiday dinner before us, the table filled with friends and family and the love of Ed and Terri for us all translated into goose and unbelievable side dishes and desserts that melt in your mouth. Again today, my list of complaints is exceeded only by my list of blessings. ...

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Love and Chokers

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  It might be “the world’ best dog food”, however, our dogs including the current foster-turned-pet Dakota all eat dry dog food – once coined “chokers” by Ed or Nik.  Ed and I were discussing Dakota’s goods fortune in being saved and rescued by Pet Haven two years ago and ending up in our home. And now she has everything she needs and likely more than she ever knew was possible – love and chokers. “Love and chokers”, this is how Ed described it yesterday. A good, balanced meal more than once a day and through love her other needs cared for – the supplements for her aging joints, walks to keep her happy and exercised, the treats in my office that she comes to ask for each and every day, as if they are her due.  And I couldn’t help but think that in just a few words Ed succinctly expressed all any of us really...

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The best day ever, again

Posted by on Oct 31, 2010 in Edwin Goes to Cooking School and I don't... | 0 comments

  Sometimes I am simply taken by surprise by a single day and Friday was one of those rare and magnificent days.  Ed and I traveled to Clear Lake, Iowa Thursday evening and on Friday morning met (for the first time) the parents of a friend who are involved with Frank Lloyd Wright preservation on a national level and offered us a private tour of the Stockman house in Mason City. A Wright home designed for a middle-class family, the house itself is rare and it is beautifully restored and filled with FLW designed furniture. Our hosts, Bob and Bonnie, are true aficionados and we learned more about Wright and his work in northern Iowa than we likely know about any other properties we’ve visited. We had a wonderful lunch together in downtown Mason City, just a block away from the only surviving Wright hotel, which is being lovingly restored and will open in 2011 to the public as one-of-kind destination lodging. I can’t wait to return as a hotel guest! We wrapped up the day by going to the single screen LAKE Theater in Clear Lake, where we saw Secretariat for $5 each and had a large popcorn and a soda for a total of $2.50.  I love living in the city and adore that our city is Minneapolis/St. Paul and yet this less than 48 hour excursion to two small towns warmed my heart and re-energized me in a way that sometimes is missing from a two week journey to a new and exciting land.  ‘The graciousness and kindness of Bonnie and Bob, to share their entire day and their love of architecture with us – even to showing us their own lovely and historical home. ‘The server at the bar who shared his story about once being in the pages of People magazine and his adventures from there to northern Iowa. A trip through the Main Street Mercantile, where they really do sell everything. It was one of those days – the best day...

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Starting anew

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  Ed had an interview at a restaurant this week – his first.  ‘Just the kind of high-end, locally sourced kitchen he aspires to.  ‘Not an executive interview, in fact, we were surprised at how very short the process was.  Step 2 is a stage in the kitchen.  He struggled with his resume – how do you take 20+ years of high-level IT experience, ending with a position as a Chief Technology Officer, and merge it with 2 years of "learning" to cook – i.e. culinary school.  Not a surprise to anyone who know’s him, he’s been living and breathing culinary arts since day one at CIA in January 2009.  Looking back, more than the 18 month program here in St. Paul, I see that one week of Boot Camp in Hyde Park, NY as the turning point in our lives that began this incredible adventure. December graduation draws near and there is no talk of returning to IT and I am glad for it.  He is a happy man and I am eating even better than ever.  (I’m still not allowed to use his special knives, and they continue to be stored in his professional knife...

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